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I have spent my entire profession addressing complex problems as a software architect and technology expert building and managing software application solutions and solving tough business challenges by reconstructing underperforming businesses, now working in the angel investor space.

I have an exceptional capacity to increase business revenue and also success by taking a look at the situations from entirely different paradigms. Discover concealed assets, overlooked opportunities, underperforming endeavors, and also underestimated possibilities hidden in my clients businesses.

I recognize the patterns that restrict & limit business advancement, see the overlooked opportunities & underperforming parts of a business, thereon addressing these by implementing multiple effective and more lucrative strategies to add new life and strategic vision to a business that is stuck, straining, or one that needs to redefine or better differentiate itself in the market place.

Besides my current businesses operating in Hong Kong, Bermuda, China, United States and the United Kingdom. I have worked with HSBC, Bank Of China, Hutchison Whampoa Holdings, A.S. Watson Group, DBS Bank, PCCW, HACTL, Grant Thornton, Manulife, Hong Kong Government, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Grand Hyatt Hotels thus giving me a world view understanding of the need for businesses to access funding and capital markets.

Very simply I am a global investor who is considered a nonlinear strategic-critical thinker in the areas of revenue model generation, business model generation and strategic restructuring, so I fully understand the highs and lows of running your business.

I’m passionate to assist proven small business owners to scale and solve bigger and more meaningful problems as well as connecting them with ethical, well-intentioned investors that supports great small businesses, creates the value and jobs to enhance what they are doing.

Robert Chan • Founder

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